Loro Parque TENERIFE


Orca Ocean:
Majestic orca whales are one of the icons of Loro Parque. Their incredible habitat, one of the most modern whale installations in the world, contains a staggering 22.5 million litres of sea water which is pumped directly from the Atlantic Ocean.

The most touching part of Orca Ocean however, is witnessing the extraordinary bond between the trainers and their magnificent charges.

Planet Penguin
A huge iceberg and real snow make Planet Penguin feel just like home to over 200 King, Gentoo, Chinstrap and Rockhopper penguins.

Widely considered to be one of the best penguin habitats in the world, this impressive attraction is also the biggest Antarctic replica ever constructed.

Dolphin Stadium
Watch in delight at the antics of these playful, intelligent creatures as their gravity-defying leaps and acrobatics reach heights of up to 6 metres!

Like all the animals at Loro Parque, the dolphins in this beautiful dolphin habitat, which is modeled on a Caribbean lagoon, are kept healthy and happy by an army of caring helpers, vets and biologists.

Sea Lion Show
Sea Lions are known for their sense of fun and this comes across in spades in their very own show!

The sea lion show includes a combination of ballet, games, balance and jumps, but in true sea-lion style, what they (and their audience) enjoy best is when they make mischief for their helpers!

Aquarium and Shark Tunnel
This massive aquarium, which contains 1,200,000 litres of water, includes seven different exhibits which recreate the ecosystems of different parts of the world.

The true highlight of the aquarium however, is the 18m-long Shark Tunnel which’ll bring you face-to-face with these magnificent predators.

Discovery Tour
Included in some of our Loro Parque tickets, the Discovery Tour lets you meet expert guides who share amusing anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories about the animals and how they arrived at the park.

During the two-hour tour, you’ll learn from the guides how cutting-edge technology is used to both better the lives of the animals and improve their habitats.